Saturday, 27 August 2016

One year old and Weaning review

Sorry for my absence

Hey guys hope you are all well!?

sorry for my absence but since my last blog post i have had to return to the working world..... i say had to..... i wanted to for my own sanity and adult conversation.

In order for me to return to work I also had to change career as the shifts at my old job just were not child friendly as I was working until 7pm/8pm.

Anyway we have finally found our feet in a routine and I feel I can return to what I love now in doing reviews without my home or husband feeling neglected.

Andddddd would you believe I now have a 1 year old a bloomingggggg 1 year old where the heck has time gone?!
Zoomed by thats where!!

Although I am sad he is growing so quickly its amazing to see what a clever young boy he is turning into and seeing him grow day by day his development and play skills are great and i can now show you what toys and accessories have helped him along the way!

So i'm gonna kick this off with giving a shout out to Nuby and Munchkin which have turned Parker into a super independant eater who will not entertain being fed anymore by anyone!!

Thats all thats to Nuby for there suction bowls which have enable to feed him self messy things like cereals and yogurts with minimum waste as the bowl doesn't move from him highchair until I release it which is great as he cannot throw it like he could standard bowls or tip it like he would a yogurt pot!

Working great along side this have been the Nuby spoons as the have a soft tip to avoid hurting the mouth or throat while he is mastering his mouth aim and an easy grip handle for comfort.....The colours are super appealing too.

I would highly recommend these two products for anyone starting out weaning and developing into free feeders as I have used them from 6 months and have had great success and the wear on the products is fantastic they still look like new and wash up great.

Oh and an added bonus the suction bowls have lids so amazing for taking out to eat at restaurants and friends houses if you want to take food along with you or even left overs for supper!!

Anyway I will love you and leave you for today
Any child friendly cutlery and plates you recommend let me know I am always wanting to try new product

Much Love

T & P

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Sanitary Towel Owl : Bespoke Feminine Products through your Post Box

How amazing is the concept.
Everything you need for the dreaded time of the month sent to your door.

First lets talk about the packaging OMGGGGG so cute.
The box slid effortlessly through my post box,I know as I was perched on the other side putting my shoes on as it happened.

When I opened the box I was immediately drawn in to the idea of having this super cute well presented box delivered to my door rather then having to endure slight embarrassment going to the super market each month to be greeted with only one cashier that happens to be a pre pubescent boy, which even at nearly 30 years old and post child I still feel the sea of red raise up my face, More for embarrassment of the boy then myself!

Everything is neatly wrapped in a tissue paper coating to stop stray tampons and sanitary towels flying out at you when you open the box, which come on great idea know one wants to admit the got a black eye from a loose Tampon do they?
My Dedicated Owl was Agatha so I am presuming this was the lovely lady whom packed my box of tricks.

After opening the tissue I saw every sanitary product you could imagine! Liners,Towels,Tampons and even sports pants and handy bags and pouches, not to mention the adorable welcome bracelet which I will be adorning today.
There is a handy list of everything you get in your box, a bit like a chocolate box menu but for sanitary wear! Love it!

The icing on the cake though had to be the book, What a great idea for Teens and Pre period girls.The illustrations are fab and the wording is ideal for any girl aged 10 plus I would say.

I was super impressed with the sports pants although a little gutted I will have to give my sample pair away as I am not now nor have a ever been a UK size 6-8 lol 

All in all the box is a brilliant concept and i feel its a great price point at £24.99 per box 

One thing I would say would make you box a teeny tiny bit better Sanitary Owl, A tiny piece of Chocolate for when the time of the month strikes and we are reaching for our box hehe what do you think?

Why not pop on over and say Hello to the guys at Sanitary Owl over on Twitter, they will be on hand to answer any queries you have and of course any thing I may be able to help with ask away 


Tell them I sent you!!

T & P

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Wax Wednesday: Waxical Wonders: Apple of my Eye

Hey there lovelys!
So sorry I have been a bit MIA on the blog lately I have had a poorly baby and then as all you mums will know when you are contained in a home together the germs pass better yourselves..... YAK!

I am pleased to say we are all better now! The conjunctivitis has gone and the nappies are now controllable lol!

So this week for wax Wednesday I am reviewing another Waxical Wonders Product the Apple of my Eye melts ..... Such an adorable Name! I always call Parker the Apple of my Eye I just wish he smelt like these melts in his more stinky moments shall we say! Haha

Apple of my Eye is a cute pyramid shaped melt in a lovely vibrate Apple red.

This melt expelled scent as soon as the box was unsealed and I have a confession, this is the last melt I managed to capture in melting because I love love love these!

This is what I would call my choice of fresh morning melt. It give me that wake me up and go go kind of effect. I light this one first thing and can still smell it well into lunch time. If you like fresh fruity smells this is the one for you.
Why not go over and say hello to the lovely lady @waxicalwonders or visit her here at and tell her you came from here!

Alternatively drop me a line of what scents you would possibly like to see me review here at @trinimamabebe or email me
Love chatting with you guys! 


T & P 


Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Toy Tuesday : Teething Toys : Nuby

So I know today's not technically Tuesday...... But I did start writing this on Tuesday then got side tracked by baby puke and exploding nappies! I'm guessing if your reading this blog your well aware of how that feels!
So this week we are talking about teething toys and in particular my favourite brand at the moment Nuby 

First up of the two is the Nuby Bug a loop

This is a great teething ring. It has some smooth areas and some bobbly bobbly bits too which Parker seems to love.
He gets the bumble bee or butterfly wing and goes to town rubbing his compers on them.
What I love about this one is the rings enable there to be no edges, perfect for Parker as he has no concept of when pushing something in his mouth is too far so no gag reflex happens with this. The bright colours really engage him as well as he finds it hilarious wearing it as a crown or a bracelet!
To me this teether is a 10/10

Next up is the Icy Bite Teething keys

This bunch of three bumpy keys are a classic teething toy. With there firm base and jelly top they cover all textures loved by teeth and gums.
This have become a new favourite as Parker wants our car keys when he sees them we slyly swap them for these hehe up to now he's none the wiser..... He soon will be though eeks!

A bright and eye catching design and super durable, can be chilled in the fridge also.
These i give a 9/10 only because he swings and bobs me with them haha.

Would you like to win your choice of Nuby Teether?

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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Wax Wednesday: Waxical Wonders: spring morning

This week I am working with @waxicalwonders wax melts!
These are a great alternative to High end brands we all know and love..... But dare I say it...... These could rival them all!
I was sent three scents to try out and review for you all and the one I am trying out today is Spring Morning 
These melts come beautifully packaged and boxed which makes them ideal gifts and well as great storage use if you have a candle cupboard like myself!
As soon as the package is opened the scent jumps out and hits the nostrils like a fresh bouquet of hand tied flowers from the florist! 
They are various lovely shaped little gems just like this....

Perfect size for one or two uses as I generally find myself cutting wax tarts in half to make them last longer but no
Need with these beauties!
The scent filled my room within a matter of minutes and they really do smell like what they say on the package..... Spring Morning!
An absolute pleasure to try and would love to work with this brand again

Please pop over and say Hi to them at @waxicalwonders or and check out there amazing scent list! As I know for sure I want many more of these scents in my collection.

Ta ta for now

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Wax Wednesday: Scent of the week:Yankee Candle Jar Sicilian Lemon

This week I am trying out a yankee candle jar which I was bought for Christmas. 
Sicilian lemon was a great choice for me as I love anything lemon scent, even loo cleaner lol.
I love the jars of the Yankee candles and they way they look on the mantle. But I have to say that is all I love! 
I find the smell in the jar when you put your nose into it is gorgeous and smells like exactly what's on the label. Although once lit I find the scent doesn't leave the jar and fill the room unlike the Yankee melts which are a firm favourite! 
Also getting your hand in and down to
The wick a week after burning is super difficult. I hear you all screaming buy one of the clicky lighter thingy me bobs with a long handle, I keep forgetting okay!
I feel the cost of this does not reflect value for money 

I would rate this 
3/10 stars
What's your favourite candle/melt scent? 
Featuring on the blog next week is Waxical Wonders, an amazing and unusual scented selection wax tart company. Go check them out and say hi at or @waxicalwonders
Ta ta for now
Love T 

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Toy Tuesday:Melissa & Doug Animal Rescue Shape-Sorting Truck

Toy Tuesday

Melissa & Doug Animal Rescue Shape-Sorting Truck

Ive decided to make a new feature on the blog! Toy Tuesday where by every Tuesday i review a toy on my blog for my son!
i love reading peoples reviews and thoughts on kids toys so thought why not do my own! it gives you great inspiration of what to buy and what to avoid as if i don't like something i will say, whats the point of telling fibs and someone else wasting money if its no good!
Mum power: Stick together and save were possible after all us mums love a good bargain don't we.

So without further a do my son Parker who is now 6 months received this Melissa and Doug toy for Christmas 2015.
I am a massive fan of Melissa and Doug so was thrilled when we got this, after all i love playing as much as the next child.

The animals are nice and chunky with a bright and colourful finish, they are easily graspable even for a 6 month old small hands.
What i love most about the wooden toys is they last a lifetime if looked after and although this toy states 2 year + i think with parental guidance this is fine for all ages.
The drivers are even removable from the front of the truck and they are one male one female so we have taken to calling them mummy and daddy. Of course mummy is always driving as shes better at it ha ha.

To remove the toys is an easy lift able door at the back of the truck so you can pour the toys out easily. Parker is quiet far away from being able to put the shapes in the correct hole but with some mummy help he can throw them in the big open space when the back door is open!

Overall my rating for this toy on a scale of 1 to 10 is..........
10! Without a doubt in my top ten of toys would highly recommend for anyone from 6 months plus with guidance. 
As i bit of advice i would always check over older toys and games to see if suitable for your child as many are okay with assistance or maybe small pieces removed, after all what baby wants to just play with rattles for a year!?!? not mine!

£15 seems to be and average price for this across the board of shops

What's your favourite Melissa and Doug Toy? let me know by leaving a message or emailing me at
or tweet me at @trinimamabebe
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Have a great week
Love and Hug 
T & P