Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Wax Wednesday: Waxical Wonders: Apple of my Eye

Hey there lovelys!
So sorry I have been a bit MIA on the blog lately I have had a poorly baby and then as all you mums will know when you are contained in a home together the germs pass better yourselves..... YAK!

I am pleased to say we are all better now! The conjunctivitis has gone and the nappies are now controllable lol!

So this week for wax Wednesday I am reviewing another Waxical Wonders Product the Apple of my Eye melts ..... Such an adorable Name! I always call Parker the Apple of my Eye I just wish he smelt like these melts in his more stinky moments shall we say! Haha

Apple of my Eye is a cute pyramid shaped melt in a lovely vibrate Apple red.

This melt expelled scent as soon as the box was unsealed and I have a confession, this is the last melt I managed to capture in melting because I love love love these!

This is what I would call my choice of fresh morning melt. It give me that wake me up and go go kind of effect. I light this one first thing and can still smell it well into lunch time. If you like fresh fruity smells this is the one for you.
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Love chatting with you guys! 


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