Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Sanitary Towel Owl : Bespoke Feminine Products through your Post Box

How amazing is the concept.
Everything you need for the dreaded time of the month sent to your door.

First lets talk about the packaging OMGGGGG so cute.
The box slid effortlessly through my post box,I know as I was perched on the other side putting my shoes on as it happened.

When I opened the box I was immediately drawn in to the idea of having this super cute well presented box delivered to my door rather then having to endure slight embarrassment going to the super market each month to be greeted with only one cashier that happens to be a pre pubescent boy, which even at nearly 30 years old and post child I still feel the sea of red raise up my face, More for embarrassment of the boy then myself!

Everything is neatly wrapped in a tissue paper coating to stop stray tampons and sanitary towels flying out at you when you open the box, which come on great idea know one wants to admit the got a black eye from a loose Tampon do they?
My Dedicated Owl was Agatha so I am presuming this was the lovely lady whom packed my box of tricks.

After opening the tissue I saw every sanitary product you could imagine! Liners,Towels,Tampons and even sports pants and handy bags and pouches, not to mention the adorable welcome bracelet which I will be adorning today.
There is a handy list of everything you get in your box, a bit like a chocolate box menu but for sanitary wear! Love it!

The icing on the cake though had to be the book, What a great idea for Teens and Pre period girls.The illustrations are fab and the wording is ideal for any girl aged 10 plus I would say.

I was super impressed with the sports pants although a little gutted I will have to give my sample pair away as I am not now nor have a ever been a UK size 6-8 lol 

All in all the box is a brilliant concept and i feel its a great price point at £24.99 per box 

One thing I would say would make you box a teeny tiny bit better Sanitary Owl, A tiny piece of Chocolate for when the time of the month strikes and we are reaching for our box hehe what do you think?

Why not pop on over and say Hello to the guys at Sanitary Owl over on Twitter, they will be on hand to answer any queries you have and of course any thing I may be able to help with ask away 


Tell them I sent you!!

T & P

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