Saturday, 27 August 2016

One year old and Weaning review

Sorry for my absence

Hey guys hope you are all well!?

sorry for my absence but since my last blog post i have had to return to the working world..... i say had to..... i wanted to for my own sanity and adult conversation.

In order for me to return to work I also had to change career as the shifts at my old job just were not child friendly as I was working until 7pm/8pm.

Anyway we have finally found our feet in a routine and I feel I can return to what I love now in doing reviews without my home or husband feeling neglected.

Andddddd would you believe I now have a 1 year old a bloomingggggg 1 year old where the heck has time gone?!
Zoomed by thats where!!

Although I am sad he is growing so quickly its amazing to see what a clever young boy he is turning into and seeing him grow day by day his development and play skills are great and i can now show you what toys and accessories have helped him along the way!

So i'm gonna kick this off with giving a shout out to Nuby and Munchkin which have turned Parker into a super independant eater who will not entertain being fed anymore by anyone!!

Thats all thats to Nuby for there suction bowls which have enable to feed him self messy things like cereals and yogurts with minimum waste as the bowl doesn't move from him highchair until I release it which is great as he cannot throw it like he could standard bowls or tip it like he would a yogurt pot!

Working great along side this have been the Nuby spoons as the have a soft tip to avoid hurting the mouth or throat while he is mastering his mouth aim and an easy grip handle for comfort.....The colours are super appealing too.

I would highly recommend these two products for anyone starting out weaning and developing into free feeders as I have used them from 6 months and have had great success and the wear on the products is fantastic they still look like new and wash up great.

Oh and an added bonus the suction bowls have lids so amazing for taking out to eat at restaurants and friends houses if you want to take food along with you or even left overs for supper!!

Anyway I will love you and leave you for today
Any child friendly cutlery and plates you recommend let me know I am always wanting to try new product

Much Love

T & P

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