Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Toy Tuesday:Melissa & Doug Animal Rescue Shape-Sorting Truck

Toy Tuesday

Melissa & Doug Animal Rescue Shape-Sorting Truck

Ive decided to make a new feature on the blog! Toy Tuesday where by every Tuesday i review a toy on my blog for my son!
i love reading peoples reviews and thoughts on kids toys so thought why not do my own! it gives you great inspiration of what to buy and what to avoid as if i don't like something i will say, whats the point of telling fibs and someone else wasting money if its no good!
Mum power: Stick together and save were possible after all us mums love a good bargain don't we.

So without further a do my son Parker who is now 6 months received this Melissa and Doug toy for Christmas 2015.
I am a massive fan of Melissa and Doug so was thrilled when we got this, after all i love playing as much as the next child.

The animals are nice and chunky with a bright and colourful finish, they are easily graspable even for a 6 month old small hands.
What i love most about the wooden toys is they last a lifetime if looked after and although this toy states 2 year + i think with parental guidance this is fine for all ages.
The drivers are even removable from the front of the truck and they are one male one female so we have taken to calling them mummy and daddy. Of course mummy is always driving as shes better at it ha ha.

To remove the toys is an easy lift able door at the back of the truck so you can pour the toys out easily. Parker is quiet far away from being able to put the shapes in the correct hole but with some mummy help he can throw them in the big open space when the back door is open!

Overall my rating for this toy on a scale of 1 to 10 is..........
10! Without a doubt in my top ten of toys would highly recommend for anyone from 6 months plus with guidance. 
As i bit of advice i would always check over older toys and games to see if suitable for your child as many are okay with assistance or maybe small pieces removed, after all what baby wants to just play with rattles for a year!?!? not mine!

£15 seems to be and average price for this across the board of shops

What's your favourite Melissa and Doug Toy? let me know by leaving a message or emailing me at
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Have a great week
Love and Hug 
T & P


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