Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Wax Wednesday: Scent of the week:Yankee Candle Jar Sicilian Lemon

This week I am trying out a yankee candle jar which I was bought for Christmas. 
Sicilian lemon was a great choice for me as I love anything lemon scent, even loo cleaner lol.
I love the jars of the Yankee candles and they way they look on the mantle. But I have to say that is all I love! 
I find the smell in the jar when you put your nose into it is gorgeous and smells like exactly what's on the label. Although once lit I find the scent doesn't leave the jar and fill the room unlike the Yankee melts which are a firm favourite! 
Also getting your hand in and down to
The wick a week after burning is super difficult. I hear you all screaming buy one of the clicky lighter thingy me bobs with a long handle, I keep forgetting okay!
I feel the cost of this does not reflect value for money 

I would rate this 
3/10 stars
What's your favourite candle/melt scent? 
Featuring on the blog next week is Waxical Wonders, an amazing and unusual scented selection wax tart company. Go check them out and say hi at or @waxicalwonders
Ta ta for now
Love T 

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