Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Wax Wednesday: Waxical Wonders: spring morning

This week I am working with @waxicalwonders wax melts!
These are a great alternative to High end brands we all know and love..... But dare I say it...... These could rival them all!
I was sent three scents to try out and review for you all and the one I am trying out today is Spring Morning 
These melts come beautifully packaged and boxed which makes them ideal gifts and well as great storage use if you have a candle cupboard like myself!
As soon as the package is opened the scent jumps out and hits the nostrils like a fresh bouquet of hand tied flowers from the florist! 
They are various lovely shaped little gems just like this....

Perfect size for one or two uses as I generally find myself cutting wax tarts in half to make them last longer but no
Need with these beauties!
The scent filled my room within a matter of minutes and they really do smell like what they say on the package..... Spring Morning!
An absolute pleasure to try and would love to work with this brand again

Please pop over and say Hi to them at @waxicalwonders or and check out there amazing scent list! As I know for sure I want many more of these scents in my collection.

Ta ta for now

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