Friday, 11 December 2015

Blogger to Blogger Christmas Mail

In November this year I was contacted by a lovely lady over Twitter (who we must of found each other via mummy bloggers or our blog) called Jenny from about a pair up project she was thinking of starting around Christmas time where fellow mummy bloggers send each other child related items to review. (See Previous blog post for full write up) Any way life got in the way as it always does and the project has been put on hold until 2016 but never the less me and Jenny choose to still do a secret Santa swap box for our baby boys. We set a limit of £10 to spend. Jenny has a daughter also and I'm all about never leaving a child out so i sent her a few pressies too so she could feel involved! 
I'm excited to see what Jenny managed to get for the budget and to see what she thought of my purchases.
Stay tuned for unboxing blog this afternoon. In the mean time if you want to receive blogger mail and the pair up project go ahead and reindeer hop( seen as its Christmas) over the Her blog of even better her Twitter at @hipsterbloggo and don't forget to follow me too I love keeping in touch with my readers! You can find me here at @trinimamabebe 
Mucho love and Hugs
T and P

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