Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Blogger Mail Kiddies Gift Exchange

Like a mentioned a week or so ago me and a lovely lady called Jenny did a gift exchange for our baby boys and here's what we got! 
Head on over to Jenny's Blog after here to see what i purchased her little boy Gregory

So I know it's not Christmas just yet but we couldn't contain out ur excitement to open our presents!

The first Present Parker(me) opened was the splish splash water books which are amazing as I told Jenny that Parker loves reading and bath time as he's a total water baby! So this combines two of his favourite things to do! Perfect!

Th next item we opened was the Fisher Price Press and Crawl
My first reaction to this was WOW. How has Jenny got a Fisher Price item to come under the budget of £10 total and by more gifts! I was amazed and told her this and she assured me she found it at a bargain in a local toy shop!
This is fab for Parker who is now into watching and reaching for things so send the press and Crawl infront of his feet and he tried to reach it! Brilliant toy for getting Babies motor skills going!

The last gifts I opened for Parker left me gob smacked! 
Handmade Crochet hat and mittens! Absolutely adorable! I try my hand at knitting but can never get the jist of crochet but now this makes me want to try! I feel these broke the budget alone! Not necessarily with physical cost but with the cost of time,effort and love put into the them!

Last but by no means least was a present for me! My weakness ..... Thorntons choccies! Thank you Jenny you didn't need to buy me these but where massively enjoyed with a cuppa while watching my guilty pleasure of car crash reality tv!

Special Thanks for Jenny for making this swap possible! If any of you lovely lot fancy a box swap in future give me or Jenny a shout I'm sure we can sort something! 
T and P 

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