Sunday, 15 November 2015

Pair up Project Via The Accidental Hipster Mum


I would like to run a blogger to blogger pair up project where I pair up the bloggers who are interested and they send each other a beauty product (or maybe a baby product if I get enough mummy bloggers interested and they would rather have something for baby) and they review it on their blog, linking back to the blog of the sender and this blog too.
I don’t know if I’ve got enough followers on here ad twitter to make the project really big and widespread so it would rely on the people who are interested sharing this on their blog and their twitter so that we can get everyone a partner and maybe garner some interest internationally.
The Proposed Rules (subject to change if any of my readers have some extra good ideas I’d like to include)
1. Register your interest by commenting on here or get in touch via my twitter page and say whether you’d like a beauty product, baby product, both or don’t mind. You’ll need to follow me on here or bloglovin’ to participate. You can also email me at
2. Once you’ve put your name forward, share this post on your blog and twitter. (I’m aware not everyone will be hosted by wordpress so you’ll have to copy and paste.) Use the hashtag #PairUpProject on twitter.
3. I will pair you up based on what you’d like to exchange and put you in touch with one another but you’ll have to exchange postal addresses privately so you’ll need to speak before you send your item(s).
4. I was thinking the price would be set at £10 (or equivalent exchange rate) but if the consensus wants it moved to £20 then I’m open to change.
5. Registration will close midnight 30th Nov and once you’ve been paired up you should send your product(s) asap after contact has been made (within about a week I should say).
6. Try your product and blog about it by 31st December. Link to the blogger who sent you it and to
7. When you send your package to your blogging companion you should include a little note to say why you have chosen the item(s). Don’t worry if you don’t like writing, a sentence will do. Or you can write a little letter if you’d prefer.
8. The blog post reviewing the item should include pictures or the contents of the package and maybe of it in action too!
9. Remember this is meant to be fun, I’m sure I don’t have to say it but be kind. If you don’t like the product, then be honest but no direct hate to the sender please.
10. This project is also a networking opportunity and will put you in touch with many other bloggers as well as give you something interesting to talk about on your blog. If this goes well I’ll run it again in a few months so keep your eyes peeled!
Let me know when you have posted your review and I will share you post on my blog and twitter as it comes in. Once the project is over and all reviews have been posted I will do a post linking to all blogs who took part. Please head over to at least two of these blogs (not the one you were paired with, you should be following them by then anyway!) and follow and comment. Hopefully this project will end up being a massive linky with a twist and help get your blog noticed and the traffic it deserves.
Can’t wait to do this. Remember to share this on your blog and twitter to get the most out of this project! 😊😃😆

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