Thursday, 19 November 2015

My Top 10 Youtubers of 2015

I love nothing more of a night time that when Parkers tucked up happily sleeping then pouring myself possibly my first hot cup of tea of the day and settling down to watch my favourite youtubers.
I sometimes go through a stage of trying to find new people to watch once i have caught up with all my faves and knowing where to begin can be a mind field with all the different people and topics out there.
So if your like me and into family, fun, beauty and reviews these people will be right up your street, if you havent heard of them already of course which you more then likely have some of them!
So here is my 

TOP TEN OF 2015 

Mrs Meldrum is a young mum of two lovely little girls who
films fabulous days in the lives,hauls,special events like wedding
days and birthdays.
She is a down to earth straight talking mum but for some reason i find her videos super calming to watch and unwind too!
She lives in the Scottish countryside which looks like a dream....apart from the cold weather that constantly seems to linger for them.
This is a must for a Sunday afternoon for me!

Tara and Mandi are a same sex married couple who predominately vlog there daily life and more importantly vlog the journey to motherhood via a very interesting path.
They used Taras Egg in Mandi's body! 
Great concept where everyone is involved and even better they now have there gorgeous baby daughter previously known as "Jelly Bean" but real name of Lennon.
I am now even more hooked on there channel constantly refreshing to see what Lennon has been up to today!

The Pfled fam as they are also known first hit thousands of computer screens around the world when the lovely Arianna sang to Ryan down the aisle on there wedding day! They are now daily vloggers with there one year old daughter soon to be two daughters as they are expecting again! They are good to watch for easy watching family days and Arianna also has a mum channel which is linked to the above youtube channel.

Sarah does loads and loads of unboxing videos which i really enjoy watching she does everything from beauty boxes like Glossy box and you beauty discovery box, to Geek boxes like My geek box, pop in a box and also food boxes like Degusta. She also does alot of fab haul videos. I must admit alot of impulse but fabulous purchases have been made from things i have seen on this channel

Laura and her daughter Lilly do weekly vlogs of what they get upto.It usually includes things like eating out,shopping,Hauls and family and friends fun. Lauras make up and hair is always immaculate i think she should do more videos incorporating this as she would be fab!! Also there are usually some celebrity spotting in Lauras videos which make for fun viewing.

Katie,Paul and Ellie do some fab videos and they travel all over to film them with videos done at home, in London, brighten, Tunisia and even Disney land Paris.Ellie is a great little girl and its fab to see her grow and learn over the vlogs since watching Katies pregnancy vlogs which now seem so long ago.Katie also does some fab DIYs like there bar that im so envious of and some hauls of clothing toys and household things too.

Claires vlog used to go by the name of The Witt family. She puts together some long weekly vlogs that i use as ironing time lol. Its my guilty pleasure that makes me do my ironing once a week.She lives on a lovely farm with her husband and children and multiple animals of course. Aside from the vlogs Claire does food hauls,meal plans,toy hauls and reviews for platforms such as the Playmobile Playologist.

Leanne and her gorgeous brood of 6 children, yes you heard me right 6, films a variety of videos that a fun to watch as you never know what the kids are going to come out with especially the youngest Georgie and Poppy they are tooooo cute. Like most mummy vloggers Leanne does day in the life videos but i feel leannes are more true to life them some as hers include cleaning which doesnt seem to feature in alot of videos but this is a real life task.She also does food hauls, Clothes hauls and present hauls for all the Birthdays and Christmases for her beautiful brood.

9.Leah xl

Leah is a great beauty youtuber mainly. She covers alot of subjects from high end and high street hauls, Get ready with me's,tutorials and also more unusual make up videos like Fab or Flop which is a review type of video. She has also started vlogging with her partner Claire which i am really enjoying they have a great re-pour together and make great viewing. I can see vlogging being a main feature on there channel in future as they are good at it!
Without sounding creepy lol Leahs videos are the once i reach for while taking a bath and unwinding.

10. The PeaChicks and Us 

Previously known as Emily,Jack and Indiana it was only fitting now they have a new son to change there Channel name. I have alot of similarity's with Emily. For one our sons are both Called Parker! Both born 4th August 2015 and nearly born the same time! Crazy!!
Indiana is a joy to watch and to see how she interacts with her brother gives me great joy to see the sibling love i hope to have for Parker one day.
A wide variety of videos are on there channel from Day in the lifes, weekend vlogs,reviews and unboxings and question and answers.
What i enjoy seeing most in these videos is the changes both our Parkers are making and to see how different babies born at the same time can be so different just showing that no two babies are the same!
So if on these cold dark nights you want to watch some youtubers you may never have come across give my top ten a try. To save you time and effort i have linked there channels into there names so its as easy as one click away.
I would love to hear your top youtubers to watch an why so drop me a message down below.


T and P

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