Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Do mommas really know best?

Hello there readers and welcome to my blog!
As a new mum to 8 week old Parker i have set this up as a hobbie for during baby nap time.
I will be covering all aspects of live and motherhood. Testing products, subscription boxes to make life easier thank trailing the super market aisles looking for new products to try or for snacks on the go, reviews on all things mummy and baby related.
So we can find out does momma really know best when it comes to whats right for us,our families and out children.
Well a little about me....
My names Trini i am 28 and im new mummy to a little boy called Parker who was born on the 4th of August 2015 weighing 7lb 4oz even though he was 3 weeks early! I know what your thinking......woof if he would of gone full term he would of been a unit haha, well he is a unit now who loves his food!
My new life now consists of trying to be the best mummy i can be full time for the next 9 months... well i have 7 months left boohoo where has time gone! 
People always say they grow up so fast and enjoy your time it goes quick, your not blooming kidding! Does anyone have a magic clock i can pause time with?
I would love to talk to anyone out there whos reading my blog so i know im not alone and we can make a social situation out of this. I have been that determined to not be a recluse that we have been to multiple baby clubs already which i will also include full blog posts on

But for now, hello and welcome! Don't be shy please say hello

Finally i will leave you with a picture of my pride and Joy..... Parker

Big Loves Trini xxxx

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