Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Co Sleep or No Sleep

So many a question surrounds co-sleeping, is it good or is it a big no-no!!
What's your views? 
I think it could mean the difference between sleep and no sleep. 
When in hospital when my son was born he got little to no sleep in the horrible plastic fish bowl as he kept knocking his arms on the plastic making himself jump
And therefore waking himself up.
On the same hand I knew when we got home if we were to have our baby Parker in a Moses Basket in the bedroom he risks doing the same arm knocking which would make the wicker basket Moses creek. Also I knew with every whimper and Noise he made I would have to stand up out of bed to check he was okay, as I wouldn't want the Moses directly next to my bed on the stand incase I kicked or knocked it so I would place at arms length away near my wall. So before Parker was born we made the decision to purchase the Chicco Next2me bed and OH MY GOD how pleased are we that we did. This thing is worth its weight in gold! If you are having a baby you would be stupid! Yes that's right stupid to not get one its good for your sleep and sanity and your babies! It is not as controversial as sleeping directly in bed with your baby like the whole Kourtney Kardashian saga it's basically an extension to your bed where the baby sleep with the bed securely anchored on to your bed frame it's as safe as houses, with one side folded down so you can see baby at all times. If your choose to face him or her haha. This means super easy access for feeding and replacing baby with minimal fuss. I even change my babies bum while he is turned facing me in there with a changing mat under him. I honestly can't praise this bed enough. It even has a handy carry bag if you want to take your bed away with you and multi positional height to suit all beds and to create a tilt if needed if your baby has colic. This bed has literally made my life 100 times easier, from day two my friends were saying why do you look so good why are you not exhausted and my honest answer is the next2me crib! I have even had pregnant friends approach me asking to buy the bed when Parker moves into his own room but my swift response is no chance I'm saving it for baby number 2!! If there is one!! Last but not least on the bigging up of this bed, I do have a Moses basket in the front room for purpose of day times sleeps for Parker, but at 8 weeks old he is close to outgrowing this in length. I think he would fit the next2me bed for a long long time if I allowed him to stay in my room
For longer then 6 months!
Moral of the story, get a next2me crib you will not regret it and I will eat my socks if you do!
Find it here at Argos

Big loves Trini xx

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