Friday, 16 October 2015

Bright Starts Bouncer Review

When your children are small babies it's hard to find toys to occupy them and get there senses going especially their eyes and getting them to focus!
I have found two toys that have been suitable for my son Parker since birth, one of which I'm reviewing today!
The Bright Starts Jungle Activity Gym!

With its vibrating seat, musical tunes and activity bar the manufacturer claims this is ideal from birth, which I must say I agree. My son loves this seat but I have a few positives and a few negatives about it!
The positives are:
• Bright and colourful for entice baby to see and touch 
• Musical tunes to soothe a baby
• Comfortable sturdy washable seat material 
My personal negatives are:
• Activity bar doesn't click into place and has a rocking movement to it- so when my sons reach and push motion is more established he will easily be able to push the activity bar off!
• The vibrating seat-my son loves the feature but it is some what floored- the seat doesn't convey the vibration it is just held in the foot section so I see my son just swapping which foot is on that section to feel it.
• The none slip feet grips- These seem to move about a lot around the bar and find myself repositioning them every couple of days ( see pics )

This one is in the correct position 

 This one has moved position!

Even with the few simple negatives or should I say constructive criticism I can truely say I could not cope without this bouncer to occupy my ever growing noisier son! We both love this seat!

Have you found any toys you can't live without? 
Let me know! I would love to hear from you

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